上海理工大学无人驾驶系统安全实验室SAVSSecurity of Autonomous Vehicle System Lab, USST)是裴颂文教授领衔、顾春华教授指导的,上海理工大学创建上海市“双一流”高峰学科建设、上海市高水平地方高校创新团队的科研创新实验室,是上海理工大学光电信息与计算机工程学院资深院士团队(庄松林院士、顾敏院士)领衔的前沿技术研究的组成实验室。

Basic situation:

The Security of Autonomous Vehicle System Lab (SAVS) was found by Professor Songwen Pei, within the school of opticial-electrical and computer engineering(OECE), University of Shanghai for Science and Technology(USST). It aims edge-cutting research topics on autonoamous vehicle system sponsored by USST, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission(SMEC). It is supervised by the Dean of OECE, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE)-- Songlin Zhuang,Min Gu, and it is one of research labs within the Institute of TeraHz Tech. Industry.

SAVS's Missions:

1. Build a national top-level laboratory on Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing with accelerations oriented to the Security Issues of Autonomous Vechile Systems. 

2. Cultivate excellent undergraduate/graduate students with good character and morals, self-motivation, and innovative ideas.

3. Publish papers and academic achievements on top-tier conferences, journals, technical reports, etc.

4. Creating international reputation and build close cooperation with top-rank universities and industrial communities (e.g. UC Irvine, U. Delaware, U. Michigan, SK Hynix, Xilinx, etc).