Frontier academic forum of Innovative and entrepreneurial held in Shanghai


  A new round of science and technology and industrial revolution is poised for growth, how to grasp the discipline, create a policy environment conducive to the development of disruptive technology, and seize the commanding heights of international competition? Recently, Fudan University's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Frontier Academic Forum (2018) Young Scholars and Doctoral Students' Workshop on “Subversive Technology Innovation and Future Change” was held in Shanghai.


  The conference was held by the Innovation and Venture Capital Research Center of Fudan University. The School of Politics and Public Administration of Zhejiang University of Technology co-organized with the Innovation and Knowledge Management Research Center of Shanghai University. Shanghai Tiangongyi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Junmian Polymer New Materials Technology Sponsored by the company, more than 200 experts and scholars from 17 universities including Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University participated in the seminar.


  At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Zhong Ning, a member of the forum, gave an opening speech. He said that a new round of technology and industrial revolution is gaining momentum, disruptive technological innovation is constantly emerging, promoting new industries, new formats, new models to iterate and accelerate, how to grasp the law of the emergence and evolution of disruptive technological innovation, and create a favorable subversion. The policy environment for the development of disruptive technologies, strengthening the frontier layout of disruptive technologies, and occupying the commanding heights of international competition are of great significance to the development of China's future science and technology industry. This conference exchanges, explores and inspires the related technological frontier topics, aiming at creating new knowledge in related fields, advice to industry and public policy development departments.


  Then the four professors gave a keynote report. Professor Yantai Chen gave a profound explanation of the innovative ecological issues in the frontier of Chinese theory. Professor Yan Zhao gave a report on the theme of “Technology Innovation and Change: History and Enlightenment”. From the research of students around him, he emphasized that the development of technology needs to focus on in each research, Professor Zhao combined the experience of various countries to vividly expound the discovery and innovation of technology. Professor Qinghai Li elaborated on the theory of “crossing the gap” with the typical company case as the entry point, which led to the company's exploration and efforts in technology research and development; Professor Xiangfeng Chen explained the traditional logistics model, and predicted the development of the future logistics industry under the new model structure.


  At the sub-venue, experts and scholars analyzed the trade potential of China and Central and Eastern European countries under the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative. Entrepreneurial Motivation and Path Choice of Female Entrepreneurs in the Background of Internet + China's Super Large City Medical Emergency Transportation System Themes such as Innovation were also reported separately.