美国杜克大学Kent W. Nixon博士讲座——面向移动计算平台的机器学习
Seminar on Machine Learning for Mobile Computing Platforms --Dr. Kent W. Nixon, Duke University, USA

  2018年5月26日上午,美国杜克大学Kent W. Nixon博士应邀到访上海理工大学光电信息与计算机工程学院。在光电学院1042会议室为同学们带来一场“面向移动计算平台的机器学习:限于预算的问题解决方法(Machine Learning on Mobile: Problem Solving on a Budget)”的精彩学术报告。Kent W. Nixon博士曾多次在DATE,DAC,ASPDAC和ICCAD等著名会议上发表论文并获优秀论文(提名)奖。会议由裴颂文副教授主持。

    On the morning of May 26, 2018, Dr. Kent W. Nixon of Duke University of the United States was invited to visit the School of Optoelectronic Information and Computer Engineering of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. In the 1042 conference room of the School of Optoelectronics, he gave the students a wonderful academic report on Machine Learning on Mobile Platform: Problem Solving on a Budget. Dr. Kent W. Nixon has published papers and obtains outstanding papers (nominations) awards at major conferences such as DAC, ASPDAC and ICCAD on DATE. The meeting was chaired by Associate Professor  SongWen Pei.


  Before the beginning of the report, teacher Pei gave a welcoming speech and introduced the trend of mobile computing research, the theme of this academic report and the background of the speaker.

Kent W. Nixon博士具体从四个大的方面介绍了杜克大学CEI实验室的研究成果:(1)面向智能手机的人类行为学安全机制,分类学习手指姿势。(2)扩展DNN网络模型学习高噪声对抗网络攻击。(3)基于智能手机GPU的加速学习。(4)分布式移动计算DNN,优化计算能力、提高WIFI通信速率、优化全连接层计算等。活动最后,同学们积极提问,踊跃发言,报告在Kent W. Nixon博士与在场师生热烈互动中结束。

Dr. Kent W. Nixon introduced the research results of CEI Laboratory of Duke University from four aspects:(1) Human behavior security mechanism for smartphones, learning finger posture by classification.(2)Extending DNN network model to learn how to resist network attacks with high noise.(3) Accelerated learning based on GPU of smartphone.(4) Distributed mobile computing DNN, optimizing computing power, increasing WIFI communication rate, optimizing full connection layer computing, etc. At the end of the activity, the students actively asked questions and spoke enthusiastically. The report ended in a warm interaction between Dr. Kent W. Nixon and the teachers and students.