The postgraduates of CAPAL Lab won the Outstanding Thesis Awards from USST


  This paper studies the prefetching technology of irregular applications based on a multi-core system with shared cache. It mainly analyzes and discusses the characteristics of irregular applications, data prefetching techniques and the selection of control parameters. An improved prefetch thread-based help control parameters of the model. The model uses the gradient descent algorithm to solve the optimal value of the control parameters, thus effectively controlling the amount of memory access between the help thread and the main thread, so that the help thread is ahead of the main thread, and the gradient learning algorithm overcomes the traditional manual enumeration methods which are complex and time consuming shortcomings. The research results related to this paper are:



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本文工作受到上海市自然科学基金(15ZR1428600)和 计算机体系结构国家重点实验室开发基金(CARCH201206)的资助。

The work of this paper was funded by the Shanghai Natural Science Foundation (15ZR1428600) and the National Key Laboratory Development Fund for Computer Architecture (CARCH201206).